Why is Space of Mind better than Nolla cabin

Space of Mind is the brainchild of Helsinki based Design and Architecture studio Studio Puisto and high-end manufacturing company Protos Demos. Architect Willem van Bolderen with his team at Studio Puisto has teamed up with design entrepreneur Lasse Laine to create something that is not only better, more functional and durable than the options available in the market today. It redefines the whole category: fully integrated furniture, high-end materials and a no-compromises approach to the durability, quality and aesthetics of the whole experience.

Each Space of Mind -cabin is built to each customers liking and is easy to customize, because the architecture is modular. At the time we offer two main options for the exterior and three layout options for the interior (Sleep, Fitness, Work).

For our customer this means it's possible to build one single cabin to satisfy your personal ambitions to create a place of your own. Because of the modularity, we also enable the forward thinking hospitality entrepreneur to build a whole village of cabins with different functions. Reach out to book a design meeting with us.

Made in Finland and built by the same craftsmen and -women who build our belowed design furniture and furnishings seen in offices, hotels, restaurants and homes all over the world. We combine material innovation with centuries old traditions in woodworking to bring you the future of cabins.

Bringing the best companies together to create a truly end-to-end experience

Space of Mind is not only architecture and manufacturing. It's also bespoke furniture, including custom beds designed and manufactured by the leading high-end sleep company Matri. Read more about our partners

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