The Design Process behind Space of Mind

Space of Mind is a modern cabin that is modular in design, making it possible for you to add-on all the features you need to be able to find your peace of mind. Built by hand - down to the last detail.

Architect designed and made in Finland by world class craftsmen, Space of Mind is a unique cabin that is not only better, more functional and durable than the options available in the market today. It redefines the whole category: fully integrated furniture, high-end materials and a no-compromises approach to the durability, quality and aesthetics of the end product.

Each Space of Mind -cabin is customized to each customers liking and is easy to install. Installing it doesn’t in most cases require building permits*.

One or many – purchase a single cabin or build a vacation resort – the modular architecture will enable endless combinations.

Satisfy your personal ambitions and create a place of your own. Or go all in and build or expand your hospitality business in off-the-grid locations.

Built on the idea of modularity, Space of Mind enables the forward thinking entrepreneur to scale fast and reach the discerning customer in ways unprecedented.

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