Frequently asked questions

You're interested in purchasing a Space of Mind cabin. You're not alone with your questions, we've assembled the most frequently asked questions here. Also, don't hesitate to contact us if there's something you're wondering about. We're happy to help you build your dreams into reality.

Can I enjoy the cabin during the winter or during colder months?

The cabin is not isolated. The constuction can easily be heated during colder months without big electricity bills, thanks to smart thermostats. Remember: even though the cabin would be isolated, there would need to be some sort of heat source to retain the temperature. If heating is an issue you’re concerned about, rest assured, we’ll suggest good solutions if you want to use it often during colder months. Note: The cabin is not built for long-term living. And for that you would also need a building permit.

I would like to have the cabin painted in a certain colour. Is that possible?

We have created a curated selection of exterior finishes that fit most surroundings. If none of these satisfy your apetite, we are happy to help you customize the exterior colour to fit your vision.

Does the cabin get very hot during summer?

The panoramic window lets in a lot of light and heat. But rest assured, we have designed the ventilation so that you are able to enjoy fresh air even though the weather is hot outside. Also, it is possible to install additional ventilation – we’re happy to help present options for hotter climates.

I would like to build a resort with many cabins. Are you able to customize the layout / functionality of each unit?

The modularity of the Space of Mind cabin makes it virtually possible to build a whole vacation resort, for instance. The interiors can be customised and it’s possible to combine many cabins to create bespoke functions such as bathrooms, sauna, reception area and storage units. We’re happy to consult you in order to build world class destinations built on the Space of Mind platform.

I would like to rent my space of mind cabin on AirBnB or similar. Do you have any tips?

Go for it. When you purchase a Space of Mind cabin you will be automatically accepted to the Space of Mind community, which enables you to do precisely that, at scale – if you so wish, obviously. We will help you create a professional offering through our partner network. One big part of our vision for the future is to create a discovery platform for anyone interested in experiencing the Space of Mind cabin before actually buying it. So if your idea is to finance your investment by renting out the cabin, while not enjoying it yourself, we will have news for you. Stay tuned!

The panoramic window is huge! Does the cabin offer any privacy?

We believe one of the foundations for the concept is variability. Some of our customers install their cabins where the only eyes looking at them might be a wild animal. Here, privacy might not be an issue. On the other hand, some of our customer want privacy because of a location that is not that remote (ex. in densely populated areas). That’s why we have designed multiple options for creating privacy through curtains and custom built blinds. We’re happy to help you look at different options and rest assured, it will be completely integrated and discrete in operation.

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