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Space of Mind is a modern cabin that is modular in design, making it possible for you to add-on all the features you need to be able to find your peace of mind. Built by hand - down to the last detail.

Space of Mind is designed by Studio Puisto Architects, known for their design of world-class hotel projects – most notably the award-winning Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in the arctic north of Finland. Throughout the design process, their extensive background in designing unique experiential accommodation concepts shaped Space of Mind into the perfect hospitality solution for the forward-thinking entrepreneur or business.

Above all, Space of Mind is exceptionally versatile and adaptable. It is light enough to be moved by a small crane or helicopter and can be placed on almost any location. Similarly, since it can either be directly connected to the grid or work off-grid with optional solar panels, Space of Mind can flexibly suit a variety of purposes, such as an upscale wilderness camp, bed and breakfast, eco-resort, glamping solution, or even as an extension to an existing business.

As a massive timber construction using ecologically sourced Finnish wood, Space of Mind remains comfortable the better part of the year, staying cool inside during warm days and warm during cool days. With the optional floor heating, it can also occasionally be used during sub-zero temperatures as well.

We are currently developing a dry toilet and sauna based on the same aesthetics as the original Space of Mind so you can offer a consistent experience for your guests. In addition, to help you start your business, a Space of Mind booking system with keyless entry will be launched soon. Both of these will become available in the very near future.

For businesses, we offer the opportunity to lease a Space of Mind. Please drop us a line for the details.

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